Guide to Eyelashes

How to apply, clean, and maintain my BQ Eyelashes?

Reusable up to 30 times, or more, each strand of your Brazilian Queen Eyelashes is carefully cut and curled to create a variety of luxurious eyelash styles. In addition, our lashes are sterilized, FDA and RoHS certified. However, before applying your eyelashes, let's understand what FDA says in regards eyelashes. Click here for more details. 

How to Apply


1)  Size the lashes. Before gluing the lashes on, you will need to make sure they are not too wide for your eye. Hold the lash strips up against your eyelid to measure the eyelash.


2) If the lashes are too long, consider trimming the lashes down to achieve a more natural look. Lashes should be longer toward the outer corner of the eye.


3) Apply the lash glue to the outer seam of the eyelash strip with an applicator or small brush. Allow the glue to dry for 30 seconds before applying it to your lashes.

4) Place the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes. Bring the strip down from above, not from the front. This is to ensure that you get as close as possible to your lashline.
5) Utilizing your tweezers, move the outer and inner corners to place. Use mascara before applying the eyelashes.  Once your eyelashes are in place,  use a curler to blend the eyelash strips onto your natural lash line.
How to Clean

It's important to choose an oil-free makeup remover to extend the life spam of your eyelashes. 

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